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Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival BIEFF celebrates this year the encounter between film and choreography, presenting for the first time in Romania some of the most fascinating recent collaborations between filmmakers and choreographers from The Netherlands. Combining the dynamic expressivity of human bodies with the subtlety of the cinematic medium, these unique experiments are as touching as they are conceptually and stylistically innovative, experiences which you carry with you long after having left the cinema.


More than just a recorded choreography, these pieces transcend the boundaries of space and time, explore new creative possibilities and unveil the multiple layers of a reality much more complex that we would have imagined. Moreover, they have a great emotional impact on the viewer, introducing him to worlds so far inaccessible, while finding new ways of expressing emotion, in situations when words are simply redundant, and finally offering a whole new perspective on reality.


Physical limits of space are rendered irrelevant in NATION FOR TWO, an endearing love story of a couple that traverses incredible distances to be together. A surreal visual essay, mixing stop motion animation, performance and visual art, this film reminds us that love knows neither nationality nor borders.


MEMORY LANE also aims to break barriers, this time not physical, but temporal. Examining the evolution of a couple’s love story, this surreal time travel compresses a lifetime in just a few minutes, in a charming tale of the impermanence and capriciousness of love, in which youthful idealism is quickly followed by the bleak disillusionment of adulthood, to finally find its peace with the wisdom of old age.


Love is also the main theme in IMMORTELLE, a broken-love story in which the pain of a couple's separation becomes a deeply emotional visual experience. The two still have feelings so strong that, in their quest for closure, they overpower reality and materialize into the outside world: cadaveric doubles of the former lovers invade their worlds, desperately fighting not to be forgotten.


Love remains the main focus in EGON, this time in its relationship with death. Inspired by the aesthetics of the Austrian painter Egon Schiele, this short plays out like a feverish vision of the painter’s last days of life, “in which powerful expressive movements explore the boundary between beauty and eroticism, on the one hand, and decay and perversity on the other.” (Netherlands Film Festival)


Exploring the same driving force of the emotional bonds between people - this time within the relationship between a mother and her son  OFF GROUND is a surrealistic visual essay that uses bodies in motion as a means of expressing the emotion felt when two people have to let go of each other, while the boundaries between reality and illusion and between life and death become relative.


Another focus point of the films in this special programme seems to be the exploration of the audience’s viewing experience, some of these experiments managing to creatively shift the way we see reality itself.


While the poetic documentary NIGHTWALKING immerses the viewer into a world completely unknown to him, one of total darkness and silence, challenging him to look at reality from the perspective of a blind deaf-mute, A BRIEF CRACK OF LIGHT offers a new insight on the human body and behaviour, capturing the mysterious beauty of the moment through the lens of a high-speed camera, in a hypnotic parallel between the movements of human beings and those of insects.


Another exploration of the human body’s expressivity and our perception of it, in AUTION, the naked skin of a man and a woman becomes the screening canvas for a recording of two dancers rehearsing for a show. The overlay of bi-dimensional images onto the human bodies, which are defined though volume, blurs the differences between masculinity and femininity, between Self and the other, in a fascinating game of perception.


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A BRIEF CRACK OF LIGHT (5', The Netherlands, 2012)


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Started as a scientific research and experiment, A BRIEF CRACK OF LIGHT became a short film about the inextricable relation between life, art and nature. Shot with a high-speed camera and in full color, the film reveals new insights on the human body and gestures, emphasizing the idea that sometimes the beauty of the moment is the one that counts the most. Can you tell a love story through dance? That’s what the directors are trying to find out. (Teodora CaČ™carade, BIEFF 2013) 

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AUTION (6', The Netherlands / Greece, 2012)


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AUTION is a video installation that explores the artistic possibilities of physicality and our perception of it. The naked skin of a man and a woman becomes the screening canvas for a recording of two dancers' (maybe the same man/woman) rehearsals. A lyrical investigation of the cinematic medium, with a granular texture, in which bidimensional images overlay bodies defined through volume. The title, AUTION, is also the result of a mix, being a made-up word from audio+motion. The visual level, where dance is approached as a means of bodily expression, is synched with a minimalist soundtrack, reminiscent of musique concrete. (Mihai Teodor & Andreea Mihalcea, BIEFF 2013)

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EGON (9', The Netherlands, 2013)


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Symptoms of influenza make the last days in the life of the Austrian painter Egon Schiele (EGON) seem to be played out beyond the confines of a set time and space. His stylized portraits come to live and edge him further towards death. This brings his characteristic work to life in a romantic, but also raw and merciless way. Played out on melancholy tunes, the black and white reality gives way to a feverish dream, in which powerful, expressive movements explore the boundary between beauty and eroticism on the one hand, and decay and perversity on the other. (Netherlands Film Festival)

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IMMORTELLE (16', The Netherlands / Taiwan, 2012)


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An enchanting fusion of choreography and cinema, IMMORTELLE is a broken-love story that creatively envisions the trials of separation. Having just split, the protagonists try to go about their daily lives, but lingering feelings materialize into the outside world. Their bare and unwelcoming interiors, echoing the emptiness within, are invaded by cadaveric doubles of the former lovers. These figments of the characters' minds struggle as if in a battle for life and death, the relationship’s dying breath. A deeply emotional experience, this is a film about feelings so strong that, in their quest for closure, they overpower reality. (Diana Mereoiu, BIEFF 2013)

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MEMORY LANE (9', The Netherlands, 2011)


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In this silent surreal dance film, PAUL & MENNO DE NOOIJER talk about an elderly couple in the autumn of their lives, browsing through old photographs to review the dynamics of their relationship over time. In life fragments full of flirtations, rows, aloofness, passion, affection and anger, the dance is at all times the appropriate medium to tell their story. Hope, disappointment and perspectives follow each other so the theme of impermanence undergoes various metamorphoses, alternated by chimeras of a lush garden and portraits of the wife. MEMORY LANE is an almost archetypal history of a man and a woman, in which dream and illusion follow in quick succession. (Mihai Teodor, BIEFF 2013)

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NATION FOR TWO (16', The Netherlands, 2012)


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A mix of land art, performance and stop-motion, NATION FOR TWO is a surreal visual essay on the idea that “love knows neither nationality nor borders”. Inspired by the authors' own biographies, the film follows a man and a woman tunneling their way towards each other, from one end of the planet to the other, to be together, passing through forests, deserts, urban spaces or war zones. The formal elegance of the film is at its finest when they finally reach one another, in a visually fascinating scene set in an area where the physical limits of space are abolished. In “our own journey towards each other between European and Middle-Eastern countries, in order to stay together, we faced numerous barriers and bureaucratic obstacles, which inspired our working on this project.” (CHAJA HERTOG & NIR NADLER)

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NIGHTWALKING (13', The Netherlands, 2008)

Director: ELLEN BLOM

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Imagine yourself in total darkness. Add a deep silence. Then imagine that you have no spoken language. Only the traces of remembered touch are left on your body and in your mind. – so begins NIGHTWALKING, a poetic documentary that challenges the viewer to experience the world from a completely new point of view, that of a blind deaf mute. Hungrily curious, the camera records every movement of the characters' hands and faces. Masterly framed, in stunning chiaroscuro, their gestures seem to follow the music’s poignant rhythm, in an impromptu choreography that deeply touches our heart, changing the way we perceive these people and reality. (Diana Mereoiu, BIEFF 2013)

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OFF GROUND (13', The Netherlands, 2013)


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Winner of the Audience Award at the Cinedans Festival in Amsterdam 2013, OFF GROUND is a conceptual dance cinema piece about the strength and beauty of human bonds. On a visually surrealist realm, where we witness how the soul is leaving the body, a mother and a son articulate through dance their shared past and present. A touching film, which uses bodies in motion as a means of expressing the emotion felt when two people have to let go of each other, while the boundaries between reality and illusion and between life and death are a matter of relativity. (Andreea Mihalcea, BIEFF 2013)