NATION FOR TWO (16', The Netherlands, 2012)

Screening: Sa, 14 Dec., Studio Cinema, 8:30pm

A mix of land art, performance and stop-motion, NATION FOR TWO is a surreal visual essay on the idea that “love knows neither nationality nor borders”. Inspired by the authors' own biographies, the film follows a man and a woman tunneling their way towards each other, from one end of the planet to the other, to be together, passing through forests, deserts, urban spaces or war zones. The formal elegance of the film is at its finest when they finally reach one another, in a visually fascinating scene set in an area where the physical limits of space are abolished. In “our own journey towards each other between European and Middle-Eastern countries, in order to stay together, we faced numerous barriers and bureaucratic obstacles, which inspired our working on this project.” (CHAJA HERTOG & NIR NADLER)


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Cast: Chaja Hertog, Nir Nadler

Screenplay: Chaja Hertog, Nir Nadler

Cinematography: David Stragmeister

Editing: Chaja Hertog, Nir Nadler

Animation: Chaja Hertog, Nir Nadler

Sound: Giori Politi, Daniel Meir

Producer: Floor Onrust

Production: Family Affair Films


World Sales


Marta Jurkiewicz




CHAJA HERTOG (b. 1978, Amsterdam) and NIR NADLER (b. 1977, Haifa) form an artistic duo based in Amsterdam. Since 2006 they have been collaborating on a broad range of creative fields including film, photography, installation and performance. Generally combining two different ideas and approaches into a single image, with a dialectic meaning, they explore themes such as the bizarre relationship between man and nature, the human body in transformational states and the boundaries between attraction and isolation, existing between two lovers. Abstract in terms of storytelling and expressive in terms of imagery, HERTOG & NADLER’s work offers a mind-expanding journey into imaginary worlds, while challenging the expectations and perception of the audience. 



Oberhausen Film Festival 2013

Rotterdam Film Festival 2013

Athens Film Festival 2013

EYE Film Institute Amsterdam 2013

European Short Film Festival at MIT 2013

Mediawave 2013

Hamburg Short Film Festival 2013

New Holland St. Petersburg 2013

FEMINA International Women's Film Festival 2013

Guanajuato International Film Festival 2013

Dutch Film Festival Utrecht 2012


“When we were kids there was this notion that if you would dig a straight hole into the ground, you would end up in the other side of the planet. When we began working on this film project in 2008, we set two clear departure points (desert and forest sceneries) while our final destination remained open. Our storyline follows the subterranean journey of a man and a woman, tunneling their way towards each other. We play the protagonists in this film and the traces they leave across the landscapes were also physically dug by us. It has been a long enduring process for us, in which we created stop-motion animation for the first time in combination with minimal, or shall we say linear, land art. The traces that were left across various landscapes follow to some extent our own autobiographical journey towards each other between European and Middle-Eastern countries. In order to stay together we often faced numerous barriers and bureaucratic obstacles, which essentially inspired our working on this project together with the attempt to demonstrate the idea that love knows neither nationality nor borders.” (CHAJA HERTOG & NIR NADLER)

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