IMMORTELLE (16', The Netherlands / Taiwan, 2012)

Screening: Sa, 14 Dec., Studio Cinema, 8:30pm

An enchanting fusion of choreography and cinema, IMMORTELLE is a broken-love story that creatively envisions the trials of separation. Having just split, the protagonists try to go about their daily lives, but lingering feelings materialize into the outside world. Their bare and unwelcoming interiors, echoing the emptiness within, are invaded by cadaveric doubles of the former lovers. These figments of the characters' minds struggle as if in a battle for life and death, the relationship’s dying breath. A deeply emotional experience, this is a film about feelings so strong that, in their quest for closure, they overpower reality. (Diana Mereoiu, BIEFF 2013)


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Cast: Hu Chien, Lin Jou-Wen

Screenplay: David Verbeek

Cinematography: David Barker, Sky Chiu

Choreography: Huang Yi

Editing: David Verbeek, Patrick Schonewille

Sound: Bouk Bouwmeester, Hein Verhoeven

Producer: Wen Yo-June

Production: Can June International


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Stella Hou




DAVID VERBEEK studied film, photography and philosophy in New York and graduated directing at the Dutch Film Academy, in 2005. During his second year there, he directed the feature film BEAT which was selected for the International Film Festival Rotterdam. After graduating, he left for China, returning three years later with his second feature film, Shanghai Trance. The film was selected for the Tiger Award Competition at the International Film Festival Rotterdam as well as numerous other international festivals. His third feature film, R U THERE, a Dutch / French co-production shot in Taiwan, is an exploration of the virtual world in which the younger generation is so deeply immersed. The film got selected to Un Certain Regard in Cannes.



Tiger Awards for Short Film Competition - Rotterdam International Film Festival 2013


IMMORTELLE is an experimental dance-film describing the end of a love story. Starting at the moment of break-up, we separately follow the day of the boy and the girl. Within the emptiness of uninhabited modern villa's [where the action takes place], one in the heart of the city, one deep in the mountains of the countryside of Taiwan, both of our protagonists seem to be undergoing powerful hallucinations, which express their feelings of detachment - a dance of the body, a sorrow of the mind. IMMORTELLE is a film that explores the connections between physicality and emotional longing.” (DAVID VERBEEK)



“Choreography plays a special part in this short film, even more so than in other examples of dance cinema. In IMMORTELLE, dancing becomes a language in itself, which manages to capture the essence of a situation in which there are no words to be said – the separation of two lovers. After the break-up, as it so often happens, everything around the characters seems to be an expression of their internal plight. The bare and unwelcoming interiors echo the emptiness within. Suddenly, in this setting, their unwanted emotions find expression in the spectral doppelgängers. However, to be able to move on, the characters must first exorcise the inner demons of longing and woe.” (Diana Mereoiu, BIEFF 2013)

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