37º4 S (12', France, 2013)

Screening: Th, 12 Dec., Studio Cinema, 8:00pm

Winner of a Special Jury Mention at Cannes 2013, 37º4 Sspeaks about growing-up and the illusions first love entails, as well as about the notion of home and uprooting. In a lyrical cinematographic style with documentary elements, the story is set on a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean, inhabited by only 270 people. Two of them, the teenagers Nick and Anne, have been together for as long as they can remember. But Anne has to leave now for boarding school in London, which shakes the boy’s entire world. Her decision makes his present time blend with beautiful memories of the past and questions without answer related to an uncertain future.



Cast: Riaan Repetto, Natalie Swain, Harold Green, Edwin Glass

Screenplay: Adriano Valerio

Cinematography: Adriano Valerio, Loran Bonnardot

Editing: Claire Aubinais

Music: Romain Trouillet

Sound: Nathalie Lamothe, Julie Tribout

Producer: Emilie Dubois, Olivier Berlemont

Production: Origine Films, Pianissimo


World Sales


Olivier Berlemont, Emilie Dubois





ADRIANO VALERIO (b. 1977, Italy) is a freelance director and screenwriter. After a BA in Law and Film studies at Marco Bellocchio’s workshops, he moved to France and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts at EICAR, The International Film School of Paris. In 2004, he was appointed Assistant Professor to Nenad Didzarevic, and is currently Head Professor of the Fast Track Section and Professor of Film Analysis at EICAR. He is also a lecturer at the Instituto Marangoni (Paris), the Libanese Academy of Fine Arts (Beirut), and the IHB Artmedia (Casablanca). He founded in 2012 the NGO Camera Mundi, which organizes film workshops in developing countries. His previous films include the shorts DA LONTANO (2007), ORBITE (2009) and CURLING (2010).



Special Jury Mention – Cannes 2013

Brest European Short Film Festival 2013

Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival 2013

FILMETS Badalona

São Paulo International Short Film Festival 2013

World Film Festival Montréal 2013

Lille International Short Film Festival

Skyline Indie Film Festival 2013

Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2013

Festival of Mediterranean Short Film of Tangier 2013

Kaohsiung Film Festival Taiwan 2013

Tous Écrans – Geneva IFF


“Hervé Bazin qualified the island Tristan da Cuhna as a philosophical tale that had the advantage of being true. Yet my approach was neither sociological nor anthropological: all I wanted was to feel what it was like to live in the middle of the ocean, and to meet a community whose way of life was so completely different from the one I grew up in. I tried to integrate into the local community as much as possible, I went fishing, I helped build a house... On the island, I felt real freedom, never having to lock the door of the house, never having either my phone or money in my pocket. Beyond being totally isolated, Tristan is a very special place because it has a volcano which is still active, and, given its latitude, the island has persistent winds and heavy storms. Despite this, most people, including the young, have no desire to leave the island. When the volcano erupted in 1961, all inhabitants were evacuated to England for two years. Almost all of them returned. I find this resistance and sense of belonging to the island very poetic. Where we come from and where we are going is a question I take to heart. I am interested in this very contemporary momentum of voluntary uprooting. I travel a lot and I often move on, but there is always a point when I personally have the urge to return and feel there is a place and someone waiting for me.” (ADRIANO VALERIO)

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