PATIO (17', Brazil, 2013)

Screening: Fr, 13 Dec., Studio Cinema, 6:00pm

The second part of a trilogy in progress about prison life, PATIO is a powerful discourse on freedom as a fundamental human right. After having worked himself for 7 years as a prison guard, ALY MURITIBA captures the prisoners' daily activities in the “patio” (the inner courtyard), using a fixed camera placed behind the bars. Formally daring, the filmmaker’s choice to shoot everything through the bars, without changing the vantage position, makes us viscerally experience the sense of confinement, as if we were prisoners ourselves. At the same time, the daily routines of the inmates (including the capoeira dance) and their conversations convey the humanity and warmth of these people, by contrast with the violence clichés used in the mainstream media representations of prison life.


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Cast: Faustino Matuchenetz Rodriguez

Screenplay: Aly Muritiba

Cinematography: Elisandro Dalcin

Editing: Aly Muritiba, João Menna Barreto

Sound: João Menna Barreto, Alexandre Rogoski

Producer: Antônio Júnior

Production: Grafo Audiovisual


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Antônio Júnior




ALY MURITIBA (b. 1979, Brazil) – director, scriptwriter, and producer – has directed seven shorts, one telefilm and has collaborated on a collective omnibus feature film. He has studied History, Film and Television and has a master’s degree in Culture and Communication. His films have earned more than one hundred awards in festivals from all over the world. Among others, A FÁBRICA, his first short from the “prison trilogy”, was shortlisted for the 83rd Academy Awards, won an Honorable Mention at Clermont-Ferrand in 2012 and has received more than 50 awards. His first feature film script, The Man Who Killed My Beloved Dead, received the Global Filmmaking Award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013.



Semaine de la Critique Cannes 2013

Best Short film Award – It’s All True International Documentary Film Festival Brazil 2013

Sarajevo Film Festival 2013

Festival Internacional de Curtas de Belo Horizonte 2013

Morelia Film Festival Mexico 2013

Festival de Cine de Lima 2013


“An observational documentary that, at the end, leaves behind the canons of this format and proposes one of conscious acting and improvisation. An exercise of creative freedom under the rules of a fixed camera.” (ALY MURITIBA)



PATIO is defined by capoeira (a form of martial art) and a peculiar still camera, looking out on the courtyard, offering a snippet of lives in a prison that we only see from the inside out, as if we were prisoners ourselves. The film finds its peculiarity in the tension between voyeurism and sense of inclusion that the fixed camera and easy flowing dialogues provide. It’s a world that we never see, apart from a mimetic moment in which the prisoners’ children come in for their weekly visit. A piece of social realism on prison in which we do not observe any evidence of violence but rather that is used as a site of contemplation and reinforcement of the love bond with family and life.” (Filippo Spreafico, Nisimazine Cannes 2013)

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