LAND OF MY DREAMS (20', Portugal, 2012)

Screening: Sa, 14 Dec., Elvira Popescu Cinema, 8:00pm

World premiered in Locarno 2012, LAND OF MY DREAMS is a hypnotic and stylized road-movie, which evokes strange sexual fantasies and impossible love. While searching for the land of her dreams, Bianca – a beautiful girl recalling the Hitchcockian blondes from Brian De Palma’s films (one of GONZALEZ’s favorite directors) – meets again with her mother in Porto, after a long time, and they set up a small itinerant burlesque striptease show. A visual melopoeia with camp influences and pop iconography references, in which GONZALEZ sets a haunting and sensuous freak-show à la Lynch. With a retro tint to it and exuding in artifice, the film’s languorous rhythm is given by Anna Domino’s recurring eponymous 80s song, alternating eroticism with horror. (Andreea Mihalcea, BIEFF 2013)



Cast: Julie Bremond, Paula Guedes, Eurico Cardoso, Hugo Alfredo Gomes, Luís Filipe Rodrigues

Screenplay: Yann Gonzalez

Cinematography: André Tentúgal

Editing: Thomas Marchand

Music: Anna Domino, Grouper, Julia Holter

Sound: Isabel Dias Martins, Damien Boitel, Pedro Adamastor

Producer: Dario Oliveira

Production: Curtas Metragens CRL, M83 Productions, Sedna Films


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Salette Ramalho




YANN GONZALEZ (b. 1977, Nice) is trained as a film critic who eventually went on to direct films that were highly appreciated in festivals. His debut short, BY THE KISS (2006) was nominated for the European Film Awards, and the 2008 short I HATE YOU LITTLE GIRLS was selected for Quinzaine de Réalisateurs. His work depicts the nonconformism of young adults, lost in the contradictions of their own lives. While his love for cinema began with horror movies, he admires directors from a broad range, from Dario Argento, to Brian De Palma or Philippe Garrel. In 2013, he made his first feature, YOU AND THE NIGHT, which was selected in La Semaine de La Critique in Cannes.



Locarno Film Festival 2012

Curtas Vila do Conde Film Festival, Portugal 2012

Milano Film Festival, Italy 2012

Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife, Brazil 2012

Festival Côté Court – Pantin, France 2013

Festival do Rio, Brazil 2012

Tenerife International Short Film Festival, Spain 2013

International Short Film Festival Winterthur 2012

Mecal – International Short Film Festival of Barcelona, Spain 2013


LAND OF MY DREAMS is the dreamlike story of a mother and daughter travelling from town to town with a strippers’ caravan. We tried a lot of crazy things with the great DOP André Tentúgal and I think the film has the flavor of some 70s erotic exploitation movies. I grew up watching genre films. It was like a religion. Nothing but horror films was the big thing and between the age of 11 and 15 other films didn’t even exist. I had a couple of friends who shared the same obsession and we used to get together and spend the whole night watching Argento, De Palma, Lucio Fulci, Richard Kern movies – with some porn in between! Then, one night, I came across Paris, Texas by Wim Wenders (1984) and it was like discovering a new continent. I started to watch a lot of European auteur films, especially films from the 70s, starting with Philippe Garrel, Fassbinder and Paul Vecchiali. I think that watching these disturbing, sometimes gruesome films, made me very open-minded about sex, excess, and transgression in general. And I guess my films are trying to cross the line between genres and sexualities, as if everything was possible.” (YANN GONZALEZ)



“(In) LAND OF MY DREAMS, (...) fairy-tale meets kitsch and neon lights illuminate a red background, like the dusty curtains of an old red-light district cinema.”  (Milano Film Festival)

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