QUEEN OF SPLINTERS (15', Finland, 2012)

Screening: Sa, 14 Dec., Studio Cinema, 3:30pm

I’ve never been in love with any of the men in my life. I don't know what love is. The experimental documentary QUEEN OF SPLINTERS focuses on the intimate confession of a woman – a sort of promiscuous Queen of Sheba – struggling between the desire to win at short-term sexual power plays and the need for finding long-term mental comfort and security. Naked rag dolls portraying a five, thirty and sixty-year old version of herself bring to life smoldering anger, regrets and finally, reconciliation with the past. A disturbing account of an inanimate puppet about her search for love, about prostitution and sexual abuse, memories that become paradoxically vivid. (Andreea Mihalcea, BIEFF 2013)


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Screenplay: Eva-Maria Koskinen, Anna-Sofia Nylund

Cinematography: Anna-Sofia Nylund

Editing: Anna-Sofia Nylund

Music: Ludvig Allén

Special Effects: Pauliina Turakka Purhonen (Rag Dolls)

Sound: Anna-Sofia Nylund

Producer: Anna-Sofia Nylund


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ANNA-SOFIA NYLUND (b. 1985, Finland) is a Helsinki-based filmmaker, where she also finished her film studies in 2011. NYLUND has directed a number of student short films: the animation A KOSOVO FAIRYTALE (2009), the fiction BUNNY CHOP (2010), and the documentary IT'S OK TO CALL IT ODD. QUEEN OF SPLINTERS is her first independent movie after completing her studies. She is interested in expanding borders in documentary art, experimenting with multimedia, still images, theater and animation. 



Tampere Film Festival Finland 2013

IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival 2013 Portugal

Best Experimental Documentary – Pärnu Film Festival Estonia 2013

Honorable mention – Artova Film Festival Finland 2012

Helsinki IFF Love & Anarchy 2012

Femina Film Festival Brazil 2013

Arctic Heat film festival Finland 2013


QUEEN OF SPLINTERS is born from the collaboration between artists from different fields. After a year of discussions about feminism, power structures, gender equality and sexuality, the results were the theater play by Blaue Frau, Wall to Wall, and the short documentary QUEEN OF SPLINTERS.” (ANNA-SOFIA NYLUND)



“An old woman tells her life story. Most of the time it is not a happy story, but the way the puppet (that represents her) stands in the real world, shows how false expectations can be when one is young. This assertive and controlled documentary by NYLUND shows us, however, that hope is the last to die.” (Miguel Valverde, IndieLisboa)

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