FORST (10', Germany, 2013)

Screening: Th, 12 Dec., Studio Cinema, 8:00pm

In FORST, at the border between reality and imagination, the forest becomes a magical space. The film materializes the surreal fantasy of dreams in a surprising video-collage, that deliberately exposes its conventions. A woman jogs naked on a running track flanked by gravestones. A couple of dancers levitates above the surface of a lake, while an ethereal deer evaporates through the trees. In a natural amphitheatre, politicians stiffly applaud, from their chairs, a girl sleeping on the stage. All these happen in the usually so familiar, for all of us, space of the forest. Which thus becomes a totally unknown universe, full of mysteries, where myths and legends meet the families out for a Sunday picnic, to the children's great enthusiasm. (BIEFF 2013)

Director: ULU BRAUN


Cast: Katja Müller, Leni Schmidt, Rudolf Braun

Screenplay: Ulu Braun

Cinematography: Ulu Braun

Editing: Ulu Braun

Music: Max Knoth

Producer: Ulu Braun

Production: Ulu Braun Films


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Ulu Braun




ULU BRAUN (b. 1976, Germany) first studied painting and experimental film in Vienna, media art in Helsinki and then animation at the Babelsberg-Potsdam Film University. He was granted the DAAD-Scholarship in 2007 and the Kunstfonds working grant in 2011. He is member of the artist collectives YKON and BitteBitteJaJa. He is known for his painterly approach and his exploration of the limit between real and virtual space, making the film medium a window onto a simulated world. His work has been projected in prestigious film festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Clermont-Ferrand, Oberhausen etc.) and various exhibitions (Kunsthalle Vienna, Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Bonn Art Museum etc.) Since 2002 he has been working with video-collage, making films that stretch the boundaries between contemporary art and narrative film.



Berlin International Film Festival 2013

El Espejo Film Festival, Bogota, Colombia 2013

Grimstad International Film Festival 2013

Aarhus Film Festival, Denmark 2013

Cannes Short Film Corner 2013


“A magical experience this FORST by ULU BRAUN, where the forest stands as crossroad between dream and reality. A fanfare quintet welcomes us and invites us on the running track passing through the cemetery, where naked people run. A hunter aims for his prey: a couple of dancers levitating above the surface of a lake, while an ethereal deer evaporates through the trees. Each image is a snippet cut from the rough video and placed on the green landscape surface enriched with digital transitions and electronic effects. The conflict between the visual fragments is visible to the audience as the superimposed images are deliberately not cropped and edited. They challenge viewers’ ability to associate them, and the Wagnerian epic music composed by Max Knoth maintains the eerie atmosphere. But time doesn’t stand still not even in this eternal forest. Because it begins to deconstruct and so it begins our decomposition. Full of nostalgia and optimism, the forest aquires a mystical role, hosting a world so familiar by itself but so bizarre when placed in this environment.” (Mihai Teodor, BIEFF 2013)

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