CONTINUITY (41', Germany, 2012)

Screening: Th, 12 Dec., Studio Cinema, 8:00pm

An intriguing view on the psychological process of mourning, the unsettling CONTINUITY is a bizarre story that boldly defies the conventional narrative coherence. What seems like a young soldier’s return home from Afghanistan proves to be a ritual staged by his parents, who hire a series of male escorts to play the part of their son – who had actually died in combat – in a painful attempt to keep alive the memory of their deceased child. A touching tale about the difficulty to overcome the loss of loved ones, CONTINUITY is also an intelligent investigation on the complex relationship between fiction and reality, both in personal life and in cinema. (BIEFF 2013)

Director: OMER FAST

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Cast: André M. Hennicke, Iris Böhm, Josef Mattes

Screenplay: Omer Fast

Cinematography: Bernhard Keller

Editing: Heike Parplies, Omer Fast

Sound: Samuel Schmidt

Producer: Irene von Alberti, Frieder Schlaich

Production: Filmgalerie 451


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Frieder Schlaich




OMER FAST (b. 1972, Jerusalem) holds a BA in English from Tufts University, a BFA in Visual Arts from the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts and an MFA from Hunter College, City University of New York. FAST received the Bucksbaum award for his work THE CASTING at the Whitney Biennial in 2008 and has also won the National Galerie’s Prize for Young Art in Berlin in 2009 with his work NOSTALGIA. His work is in several international collections including Tate Modern, the Guggenheim Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Centre Pompidou. OMER FAST is interested in exploring the line between fiction and reality through repetition and reenactments in war-related themes. 



Tiger Awards For Shorts Nominee  Rotterdam International Film Festival 2013

Special Jury Mention  Oberhausen International Short Film Festival 2013

Jury Award, German Competition  Short Film Festival Hamburg 2013

Courtisane Festival, Belgium 2013

New Horizons International Film Festival, Wroclaw 2013

Filmmuseum Frankfurt 2013

dOCUMENTA13 in Kassel 2012


“Continuity is a technical concept in filmmaking and relates to the production of a sense of linear time from disparate shots. In a mainstream film, different temporal and spatial techniques are used to smooth over the inherent discontinuity of the material from which a story is made. When thinking about the work, I was interested in how this concept applies psychologically in the context of loss and mourning. The film shows a middle-aged couple whose son appears to have died while serving in Afghanistan. We see them continuously reenacting their encounter with the son and other scenes of domestic life, which occasionally veer into the sexual or the surreal. There is no sense of closure or catharsis: we only see the couple compulsively performing their domestic roles with different young men, in spite of the inherent rupture and crisis that accompanies them.” (OMER FAST)



“Gradually, there develops a bizarre atmosphere where coherence is lost and it becomes harder and harder to distinguish the real from the unreal. The intimacy between parents and son is ambiguous, with a powerful sexual undertone, and the narrative is interrupted by surrealist scenes ( ex. a dromedary wanders down the middle of a road through a pine forest) and sudden horror-film effects. Our consternation is considerable when we grasp that the repetition is not simply a filmic device, but real – a continuity.” (Marie Fraser, Chief Curator at Musée d’Art Contemporaine Montréal)

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