WITHIN WALLS (26', Portugal, 2013)

Screening: Sa, 14 Dec., Elvira Popescu Cinema, 8:00pm

A hyperrealist cinematic portraiture of a couple's intimacy, WITHIN WALLS uses the space – the apartment the two faceless characters live in – as a canvas, projecting onto it the small traces of existence, which eventually define their identities. Stylistically radical in its exclusive use of only one type of framing, the close-up, WITHIN WALLS swings between a sensuous poetics of space and a clinical investigation of it. Through almost haptic images, a dialog is established between the couple on-screen and the viewer, introducing the latter into the enclosed existence of the two within the apartment’s walls. (Oana Ghera, BIEFF 2013)



Cast: Maria Simões, Fernando Nunes

Screenplay: Tânia S. Ferreira, Gonçalo Robalo

Cinematography: Gonçalo Robalo

Editing: Tânia S. Ferreira, Gonçalo Robalo

Sound: Tânia S. Ferreira

Producer: Tânia S. Ferreira, Gonçalo Robalo


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TÂNIA S. FERREIRA (b. Lisbon, 1975) is an architect, but her interest in visual arts lead her to experiment in the field of filmmaking. Her collaboration with ROBALO is also her debut as a director. GONÇALO ROBALO (b. Lisbon, 1975) studied architecture, photography and cinema. He has previously directed seven short films, 1994 (2005), JULIO (2007), MINUTE: ZERO (2008), ANOTHER THING (2009), A MAN AT THE BALCONY (2010), TESSITURA (2011), MILK (2011) before co-directing WITHIN WALLS in 2013.



IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival Portugal 2013 


“Two people live within walls. Light and shadow, colour, skin, water, sound and night capture memory. The encompassing walls witness life. It was our wish to make a film about how an apartment contains the story of the people who inhabit it.” (TÂNIA S. FERREIRA & GONÇALO ROBALO)



“Tousled sheets, footsteps on the floor, a kaleidoscope of shadows and light, a curtain slowly waved by the wind, fragments of objects, a little stain on the coffee cup or the glimpse of a caress. An inside look into a couple's intimacy, fragmentary rendered  on screen  through the traces they leave behind in their domestic routine. A puzzle made almost entirely from close-ups, in which only the cracked walls enclosing their existence are captured full-scale, at the beginning and ending of the film, like abstract compositions inviting to an allegorical reading. Not only an investigation of space, not only an investigation of domestic routine, but (maybe) a glimpse of the last days of a battered dysfunctional relationship – summed up now to the sharing of space and some common habbits –that slowly drowns in silences and clumsy gestures that seem to have lost their meaning.” (Oana Ghera, BIEFF 2013)

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