AUTION (6', The Netherlands / Greece, 2012)

Screening: Sa, 14 Dec., Studio Cinema, 8:30pm

AUTION is a video installation that explores the artistic possibilities of physicality and our perception of it. The naked skin of a man and a woman becomes the screening canvas for a recording of two dancers' (maybe the same man/woman) rehearsals. A lyrical investigation of the cinematic medium, with a granular texture, in which bidimensional images overlay bodies defined through volume. The title, AUTION, is also the result of a mix, being a made-up word from audio+motion. The visual level, where dance is approached as a means of bodily expression, is synched with a minimalist soundtrack, reminiscent of musique concrete. (Mihai Teodor & Andreea Mihalcea, BIEFF 2013)


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Cast: Veronika Michalova, Atis Veilins, Konstantinos Kotsos

Cinematography: Miki Ambrozy

Choreography: Judith Neil Company

Editing: Andreas Hannes

Music: Kostas Hanis

Sound: Kostas Hanis

Producer: Miki Ambrozy

Production: Small House Productions


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ANDREAS HANNES is a Greek video artist.  He has a Bachelor in Music, Science & Art (specialized in percussion), but he went on to work with media (photography and video), as a freelance trainer, director and producer. Currently he is leading performance art & media projects in the Netherlands while filming and performing with international groups as LMN Liminal Räumeand the PUBlic Collective. ANDREAS is the Artistic Director of Small House Productions. Besides AUTION, he directed other 3 short films REPEAT AFTER ME (2012), THE SUBMERGING STEP OF MORPHEUS (2011), TOYS AND PLAYERS (2011) and conceived the choreography for FABRIC OF TIME (2013) by Miki Ambrozy.



Cinedans Dance on Screen Festival Amsterdam 2013

ShortsNonStop Canadian Film Center Toronto 2013

SuperShow: Multimedia Exhibition  MartijnAerts Amsterdam 2012

AUTION was born out of the search for excitement in body movement and what can be new in it. Sound composition came to express the response of the eye observing the movement. In this short film, my intention is to find intricate and sensitive moments of the male and female body and what could be for an audience, a new perception of it. Fear, as a subject, came along for anything unusual strange or rare (Xenophobia) that I encountered in this journey. The contrasts of visual beauty and auditory disturbance, male body and female body, textures of projection and skin are there to exaggerate differences and similarities between them. Every movement in combination with a sound is automatically a story and through AUTION stories of sensuality, playfulness, pain and beauty are combined for a game of perception.” (ANDREAS HANNES)


“The never-ending body... you have one, I am one, you are one, I have one, we all are bodies. All these bodies, all these differences, all this confusion since the Gods cut the perfect androgyny body in two pieces. We all have to deal with it in one or another way. ANDREAS HANNES did, he filmed, with his better half: his Father, creating the music. The son celebrating the beauty of a dancing body in his moving pictures, dancing from male to female and back, the father trying to keep the dance grounded with his percussion. Close your eyes, open your mouth and watch careful and maybe, maybe beauty will kiss you.” (Matthias Marzodko)


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