THE BED IS BROKEN (24', Romania, 2013)

Screening: Su, 15 Dec., Studio Cinema, 4:30pm

Here is the toboggan… here's the prison for small children... a cat... a bunny... two stars in the sky... A lost childhood. Two children explore the dilapidated entrails of a deserted factory, looking for bits of scrap metal for money. Through a patient camera, the film follows the behaviour of the boys, in their struggle for survival, caught between a violent playground and a hostile workplace. Screened at IDFA Amsterdam 2013, “THE BED IS BROKEN works with subtlety, silence and an eerie visual sense. It gets you so close to these deprived kids, so much that the files they throw at each other hit you as well. Finally, the heart is broken as much as the whole world in which they live in.” (Alexandru Solomon, filmmaker and Festival Director, One World Romania)


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Cast: Răzvan Văduva, Vasile Florin Crâșmaru

Cinematography: Ana Maria Vîjdea

Editing: Dan Ștefan Pârlog

Sound: Tudor Petre

Producer: Dan Nuțu

Production: Aristoteles Workshop

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Dan Nuțu



RALUCA RĂCEAN GORGOS (b. 1986, Cluj-Napoca) is a freelance film director and a graduate of the acting and puppetry class of the National University of Theatre and Film Bucharest. Her first short fiction film, CROMOTERAPIA, screened at BIEFF 2011, speaks about parallel and distorted realities from the point of view of a mentally ill person. She has worked for 10 years as a stage actress, while experimenting with short animations. She attended several film workshops such as Hollywood Film Institute Program, Transilvania Talent Lab and Aristoteles Workshop, a five weeks hands on documentary program where she has made THE BED IS BROKEN. In this documentary she continues her research on human being, focusing on its very beginning, the childhood. Presently she is developing a fiction short and a medium length documentary.



IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam – PARADOCS 2013

Silver EYE Nomination – Jihlava International Documentary Festival 2013

Best Film Award – Aristoteles Workshop 2012

One World Romania Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2013

NexT International Film Festival 2013

THE BED IS BROKEN explores the in-between realm separating the flow and movement of life and the stillness and inertia of an abandoned space, by observing two kids in a deserted factory, in search for scrap metal to sell. Their work is alternated with long breaks in which they play. Often, the sound of their conversations runs on long duration shots which allow us to contemplate the beautiful impermanence of lights and shadows, reflected symmetrically on the ruined surfaces. By listening to their voices, we become, at the same time, familiar with a space that bears the trace of a heavy past, and witnesses of the two friends’ present time. There is something highly touching in their seriousness and in how they manage to transfigure the austere space, to mentally build a world of creativity, expressed through playing and naïve drawings, based on their curiosity towards the abandoned objects and animals around them. Yet, their loose time of experimentation is restricted by the need to work. The money they get for the found iron - if they get it - is no longer part of their play, casting on the film the shadow of growing-up prematurely.” (Luciana Dumitru, BIEFF 2013)

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