REBECCA. FILE (13', Romania, 2013)

Screening: Su, 15 Dec., Studio Cinema, 4:30pm

Rebecca is a well-known name. From Daphne du Maurier to Hitchcock, she has had a seductive career that spans several art forms. But however famous her name might be, its significance invokes millenary interrogations. Rebecca is SHE, the woman, anima, the finitude or the permanent continuity, she is a question. This is why our cinematic approach added to this name, even from the film’s title, a full stop and an explanation. File. Dossier. Document. REBECCA. FILE has several layers of perception and interpretation. It does not give a conclusion. It’s made of several starting points pieced together. Thus, Rebecca becomes a formula. A magical or a mathematical one, that promises mystery. With several possible resolutions, depending on which way you approach it. Intellectually, humanly, emotionally, affectionately. File. A profile. The spectators are those who recompose it. The images, the sounds, the words contain it. (ILINCA STIHI & MIHNEA CHELARIU)



Cast: Mădălina Ghițescu, Dan Clucinschi, Adrian Stanciu, Ioana Sihota

Screenplay: Ilinca Stihi, Mihnea Chelariu, Mădălin Cristescu

Cinematography: Andrei Ghenoside

Editing: Mădălin Cristescu

Sound: Mihnea Chelariu

Producer: Attila Vizauer

Production: Radio Romania


World Sales


Attila Vizauer



ILINCA STIHI (b. 1978, Bucharest) signed a great number of radio plays, which have been awarded in prestigious specialized festivals such as: the Main Award at the New York International Radio Festival, Premios Ondas Barcelona, Prix AexAequo for the best radio play at Bratislava International Festival, four nominations and one UNITER (the National Theatre Union Romania) Award for the best radio play of the year. Apart from her radio plays, she has made several films, both documentary and fiction and is “in love with sound.” MIHNEA CHELARIU (b. 1973, Bucharest) graduated in Film Directing from Hyperion Fine Arts University in 2011 and worked as a sound engineer for numerous radio plays. His filmography also includes the shorts CLICHÉ, TERMINUS, UNHAPPY LOVE. He was awarded Best Documentary at International Film Festival Hyperion Studfest 2010 for BLACK SUNDAY. 



Aiurart, Contemporary Art Space, Romania

“Life is Beautiful” Musical Art Festival, Romania

Grand Prix Nova – Radio Theater Festival, Romania 2013


REBECCA. FILE started as a contemporary art installation inspired by the three important adaptations of the masterpiece REBECCA: Daphne du Maurier’s novel, Hitchcock’s movie adaptation and the musical by Sylvester Levay and Michael Kunze (a production of the “Ion Dacian” National Operetta Theatre in Bucharest). REBECCA. FILE is a multi-sensorial experience that explores four dimensions of a single theatre piece: reinterpretation through the means of contemporary art; the journey of adapting the novel for stage; constructing and deconstructing the fiction in the process of theatrical creation; affirming the supremacy of sound as the imagination’s main catalyst (in theatre, radio, contemporary art, cinema). REBECCA. FILE soon grew into a film project, starting from the desire to explore the encounter between the sound image and the visual image. The sound already existed and, beyond primarily being the central element of a contemporary art installation, proved its independence being broadcasted as such in the current National Radio Theatre program at Radio Romania. Without changing anything in the sound essay, we elaborated a script that does not compete or somehow diminish the intrinsic value of what will become its soundtrack. The result is the love and death story of the two protagonists, played out both on a real plane and in the hero’s imaginary, inner realm.” (ILINCA STIHI & MIHNEA CHELARIU)

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