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December 10th–14th, 2014 / Bucharest / CinemaPRO & Elvira Popescu Cinema / the 5th edition


Directed by: 
CinemaPRO - Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 16:00
Written by: 
Delia Oniga
Dragoș Hanciu
Delia Oniga
Delia Oniga
World premiere
Further into the surreal realm, there is the idiosyncratic FISH, signed by visual artist Delia Oniga. “Absurd is that which is devoid of purpose” proclaimed Eugene Ionesco. But what do you call that which consciously goes against its purpose? Two fish wake up from their cryogenic slumber as water swallows them and the ornate plate they’re photogenically placed on. Bubbling brooks and mumbled songs sonically engulf the titular partners’ travels as crickets chirp away into the domestic space they’ve infiltrated. The fish float, they party, they float some more and by the time their pescaterian fever dream ends, fish and film alike are dead in the water. As avant-garde as salmon is avant-current, FISH is an astute and witty paradigm shift. (Andrei Tănăsescu, BIEFF)

Delia Oniga

DELIA ONIGA is studying at The National University of Theatre and Film, Department of Multimedia, Sound and Editing. Dragoș Hanciu is a student at the same university, in the Directing department.

Director's statement:
Caloric extremes they cannot be felt by the self directly, immediately. And, in order not to dilute the intimacy in which the adjacent is crystallized, the notion of complicity appears. In a culture of repair, where intent employs as means of expression, floral motifs engraved on the rim of an old, porcelain cymas, the idyllic is forced to take a step back from the path of imminence. A bloated Jesus is not the same as one that’s starved. Just as the Shroud of the Dead Sea is not the same as the heart’s melancholy blues. What links them is the possibility of being served as ready-mades, as expedients of the melancholy obsessed by the mythological, aiming towards satisfactions that can be stomached; thawed out, the anonymous fish will be bathed by the culinary procession’s hot effluvia, never again to be seduced by the flow of cold water.  Originally, Diegesis referred to what we would call today the narrative universe, but perhaps the digestion process begins before a meal, at the same time as feeling empty. Hunger-as-lack, (re)sensed by the pseudo-sited soul is not the same as the hunger before lunch, but rather the Last Supper. (Delia Oniga)