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March 28th – April 2nd, 2017 / Cinema Muzeul Țăranului & Cinema Elvire Popesco / the 7th edition


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Cinema Elvire Popesco - Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 18:00
Cinema Elvire Popesco - Sunday, April 2, 2017 - 15:30
Written by: 
Jan Dietvorst, Roy Villevoye
Remie Bakker, Vince Cole, Welem Pupís, Sabina Totiniáp, Adam Ndo
Jan Dietvorst, Roy Villevoye
Jan Dietvorst, Roy Villevoye
Jan Dietvorst, Roy Villevoye
Roy Villevoye, Jan Dietvorst
Romanian Premiere
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Documenting the production - in a Dutch studio - of a lifelike statue portraying a white, middle-aged man and then moving somehow unexpectedly to interviews on location with Asmat people of Papua New Guinea, The Double deals with the process of fabrication - of the individual and of its representation - in its double meaning. While we witness the disturbingly accurate physical construction of the statue, voice-overs offer divergent narratives regarding the identity and the personality of its muse. Through their various degrees of fabrication, rather than revealing, these sometimes contradicting perspectives preserve the mystery around who this man really was. The Double thus questions the very possibility of actually ever grasping the true essence of a human being, therefore inquiring in an ingenious way into the relationship between cultures, between us and them, as part of the artists’ longtime interest in post-colonialism. (Ioana Florescu, BIEFF 2017)

Jan Dietvorst & Roy Villevoye

The Dutch artists Jan Dietvorst and Roy Villevoye travel together to make films about the former battlefields of the First World War in Northern France as well as the culture of the Asmat tribe in the tropical rainforest of West Papua. Their filmography includes (all co-directed) Us/Them (2001), The Bishop & The Doctor (2002, short), Jac & Jeri (2003, short), Silvia (2003), The New Forest (2004-2007), Winter Prayers (2006, short), Owner of the Voyage (2007, short), And the Trumpet Shall Sound (2008), Phantom (2008, short), The Scrap-Iron Age (2008, short), Pressure (2010, short), War Is Over (2011, short). 

jan[at]jandietvorst[dot]com, royvillevoye[at]gmail[dot]com
Festivals, awards: 
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016 - Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films 
Director's statement:
The nature of our material means that we are almost automatically classified as part of the documentary genre. However, by no means do we wish to identify ourselves with [it]. The point is precisely to free ourselves from a number of conventions that characterize the documentary. […] We don’t want to answer questions, we want to raise them. […] Our films don’t tell neatly rounded-off stories that unwind at a rapid tempo. We specifically aim to keep the speed down. In our films, images and sequences are slow, drawn-out and vague. The editing is solid; the sequence of images is not necessarily logical or meaningful in a comparable sense. The editing is not used to condense the time. We have noticed that the idea of presence is reinforced by the sensation of real time. As a viewer, just like the filmmakers, you have questions that remain, but you really have experienced something when the film comes to an end. (Roy Villevoye, ARGOS Centre for Art and Media)