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March 28th – April 2nd, 2017 / Cinema Muzeul Țăranului & Cinema Elvire Popesco / the 7th edition


Directed by: 
Cinema Elvire Popesco - Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 20:30
Cinema Muzeul Țăranului - Sunday, April 2, 2017 - 15:00
Written by: 
Konstantina Kotzamani
Felix Margenfeld, Aggelos Ntanos, Lucjano Cani, Haris Fountas, Hristos Psihramis, David Szymczak
Yorgos Karvelas
Yannis Chalkiadakis
Lionel Guenoun
Lawrence English
Ron Dyens, Maria Drandaki
Sacrebleu Productions, Homemade Films
Romanian Premiere
Subtle and assured, Konstantina Kotzamani’s award-winning Limbo is a meditative fable of Biblical resonance that operates at the outer fringes of reality. It introduces us to the shared camaraderie of a group of twelve young boys living among a floating marsh-land village, their daily wanderings and playfighting. Raised under the observant eye of religion and unseen adults, the kids’ blossoming imagination grows wilder with the arrival of a mysterious young boy and rumours of a beached whale. Fueled by the bayou’s pregnant atmosphere of superstition, they devise a plan to sacrifice the newcomer as their offering to the mammalian deity. What they witness instead will carry them past the threshold of adolescence, the universe and reality as they know it, giving them a glimpse into the divine. (Andrei Tănăsescu, BIEFF 2017)

Konstantina Kotzamani

Born in Komotini, Konstantina Kotzamani is a graduate student of the Film Department of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki. Her short movies have participated in several international festivals and have gained several awards. Her film Washingtonia premiered in Berlinale 2014 in the Berlinale Shorts Competition program. Washingtonia was awarded by the Hellenic Film Academy as the best Short Film 2014 and nominated for the best short film by the European Film Academy 2015 (EFA awards). Konstantina Kotzamani was selected to present her work in Future Frames at the 50th Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2015. Her previous short film, Yellow Fieber, premiered in Locarno Film Festival 2015 in the international competition Pardi di Domani.

Festivals, awards: 
  • Short Film Nominee for European Film Awards 2016
  • Semaine de la Critique, Cannes Film Festival
  • Future Filmmaker Award - Palm Springs International Short Films 2016
  • Best Fiction Film Prize - Curtas Vila do Conde
  • Sarajevo International Film Festival
  • Stockholm Film Festival
  • Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Montréal
  • Milano Film Festival
Director's statement:
The first images that I had 5 years ago when Limbo was actually getting born, were some kids playing a violent unusual game somewhere in a beach, while the night was falling. In the beginning what interested me more was the unflinching and unafraid childhood that is kept hidden inside us. But gradually these kids transformed into something else in my mind. I figured them as the Protoplasts in an abandoned paradise, as raw material – people who try to solve primordial questions. They became the 12 boys, the 12 Apostles, vulnerable and lost, trying to confront the new and unknown. We did almost 4 months of rehearsals... and the process was quite a psychoanalytical one. We tried to remember experiences, dreams, fears, memories, and react on them as false characters. It was really purifying for me and for the kids. Actually there is a whole world hidden inside kids that we ignore as adults. I also feel that the film works also as an allegory, an allegory that I re-discover each time I watch it...that whatever is out there, whatever we people cannot put into words, whatever scares us in the universe, is equally the source of life and death, a source of wonder and a part of us… Last time I saw it in Cannes I felt that I was telling the audience that God is dying alone. (Konstantina Kotzamani, interview for Specchio Scuro)