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March 28th – April 2nd, 2017 / Cinema Muzeul Țăranului & Cinema Elvire Popesco / the 7th edition


Directed by: 
Cinema Muzeul Țăranului - Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 20:30
Cinema Muzeul Țăranului - Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 18:00
Written by: 
Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel
Lucas Doméjean, Sarah-Megan Allouch
Mathieu Gaudet
Jonathan Vinel
Romain Poirier, Jean-Charles Bastion
Lou Chicoteau
La Fémis
Romanian Premiere
Musing over sex, love and the Internet and meandering through the classic themes of father-son relationship and coming of age, by crossing, in their unique way, the line between video game and digital cinema, Jonathan Vinel and Caroline Poggi create in Our Legacy a strange environment where reality is somewhat displaced to make room for another, more disturbing universe. With his parents away from home, Lucas invites Anäis over. Having the place to themselves, they are free to indulge in naïve explorations of lovemaking. It  soon transpires that Lucas is quite familiar with sex images. His absent father, a notorious director of x-rated videos, exists in his son's life solely through his video productions. The violence of crude pornography and the tenderness of teenage first love are bound together by childlike fantasies in a loss-of-innocence story told in reverse. "The film leaves space for everyone to experience it in their own way", says Caroline Poggi. That is, according to one's own personal legacy. (Adina Marin, BIEFF 2017)

Jonathan Vinel & Caroline Poggi

Jonathan Vinel (b. 1988 Toulouse, France) studied editing at La Fémis in Paris. In 2015 he won the Golden Bear of the Berlinale Shorts section for As Long as Shotguns Remain, together with collaborator Caroline Poggi (b. 1990), who studied in Paris for three years before transferring to the Institute for Film Science at the University of Corsica. It is the second participation for Jonathan Vinel & Caroline Poggi in the BIEFF programme, after the screening of their Golden Bear winning film at BIEFF 2014. 

Festivals, awards: 
  • Berlin International Film Festival 2016
  • Special Mention of the Young Jury - Curtocircuíto International Film Festival 2016
  • Special Jury Mention - Norwegian Short Film Festival 2016 Grimstad
  • Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur 2016
  • Geneva International Film Festival Tous Ecrans 2016
  • Festival International du Film Indépendant de Bordeaux 2016
  • International Film Festival Message to Man 2016 St. Petersburg
  • Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest 2016
  • Sydney Underground Film Festival 2016
  • Guanajuato International Film Festival 2016
Director's statement:
I don't remember the first porn I watched. I think it comes bit by bit, with every picture you see on the Internet and in magazines. But I remember the odd feeling one experiences when discovering the porn world. For me, porn is really very much connected to video gaming, because it's something you go into at the same age, in your teens, at puberty. At that age you're sort of lost, because on the one hand there's this imagery of romantic love you come across in video games and movies, and on the other hand there are the crude images of pornography. And you suddenly find yourself in the middle of this galaxy... Our Legacy talks about how you can reclaim your own way of loving and of love making having grown up surrounded by all those images. (Jonathan Vinel, interview by Lola Margrain for Manifesto XXI)