Speculative Ecologies: Romanian Experimental Films Retrospective

The history of Romanian experimental cinema went through a long, partial ideological eclipse, the artworks left uncovered being those that modern times needed. In time, overtly subversive, then allegorical films reappeared on various screens, one after another, placing a high value on their anti-communist verve. Nobody was wrong by doing so, but our turn has come, and, foremost, we’re going to change the rules of the game. This retrospective, for which we considered Romanian films produced until 2012, keeping ourselves a decade away, took shape through a specific theme, ecology, to which the chosen films answered each in its manner. It would be wrong to say that, given the choice, we decided to look at nature despite culture. On the contrary: once framed, nature defines culture. (Călin Boto, BIEFF 2022) The program was curated by Călin Boto and Oana Ghera and is organized in partnership with the National Film Center and the Romanian National Film Archive.